First Tee’s signature Life Skills Experience seamlessly combines life skills lessons with the game of golf. Participants progress through five different levels starting from the PLAYer level and culminating with the Ace level in high school. At the PLAYer level, participants establish a base of core values and basic golf knowledge. Each level builds on the previous level to empower youth with skills including conflict resolution techniques, resiliency, goal setting, planning for the future, self-management, and giving back. These are considered certifying  levels. Participants acquire hours, knowledge, and skills throughout their time in each level until they are eligible to move on to the next level through a certification process (find out more about the certification process below). Participants begin in certifying levels as young as 7 years old and continue through high school. We also offer our Junior Links non-certifying classes for children as young as 5 to grow curiosity for the game of golf and introduce a few of our signature core values.

No child is ever turned away due to an inability to pay. Financial aid is always available! Apply during registration.

See the Breakdown of Each Level Below

  • Junior Links (ages 5-6) – Non-certifying level, grows curiosity for the game and introduces basic golf skills and core values.
  • PLAYer (required minimum age 7) – Tee up for the first time and learn the game of golf and First Tee’s Code of Conduct.
  • Par (recommended minimum age 9) – Focus on interpersonal and self-management skills on and off the course.
  • Birdie (recommended minimum age 11) – Emphasis on setting goals and making them a reality.
  • Eagle (recommended minimum age13) – Learn resilience, conflict resolution, and future planning.
  • Ace (required minimum age 14 or entering 9th grade) – Put it all together and hone in on setting goals, career education, and giving back to the community.

We offer our Life Skills Experience in 1.5 hour classes, once a week, for eight consecutive weeks of programming. Classes are held year-round with winter, spring, summer, and fall sessions. With a variety of days each week at many locations, there are several opportunities for participants to get started! Participants will find that as they progress through the program, a variety of opportunities are presented including local and national events, leadership development, and competitive events!

Spring Life Skills Experience Classes

Registration now open for our Spring Break Life Skills Experience camps! Spring programming will begin the week of March 20th and end the week of May 8th. The final week of May 15th-21st will be a certification week for those participants who are eligible to test into the next level.

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Yardage Books

Participants should receive a physical yardage book at the start of their first session in their respective levels (with the exception of Junior Links). Each yardage book acts as both a guide and a workbook to supplement the lessons learned in classes and assist in comprehension of the material. Participants are free to work on their yardage books at their own pace and are encouraged to work on them outside of classes. All certifying levels of First Tee require that each participant complete most, if not all, parts of their books in order to move to the next level. If a participant has a question regarding their yardage book they should feel free to ask any of our coaches for help regardless of what lesson they have covered in a particular session! If a book was lost or damaged, feel free to print and complete the PDF versions of the book using the links below.

PLAYer Yardage Book PAR Yardage Book BIRDIE Yardage Book EAGLE Yardage Book


Each level of First Tee marks growth in both life skills and golf skills. In order to progress through each level, participants must complete the requirements for their respective levels which include a minimum number of programming hours, work in their yardage book, play requirements, a written test and a golf skills test. While participants are expected to work on these requirements throughout their time in a level, the written and golf skills tests are administered at the end of each session or camp when a participant is ready to certify into the next level. See what your participant needs to certify at the link below.

Certification Requirements by Level

Car Talk

Car Talk is a great tool for parents and guardians to interact with participants and to review the Life Skills and golf skills that they learned in class. Car Talk is a quick overview of what participants learned during a lesson and provides guiding questions to help reinforce the Life Skills, golf skills, and Core Values off of the golf course and/or away from the First Tee. Parents can ask questions during the car ride home, at the table, or at other appropriate moments.

We know that young people don’t automatically transfer what they have learned at the First Tee to other areas of their lives. Although each class at the First Tee ends with a “bridge to life” wrap up, this is not enough by itself to ensure behavior change takes place away from the First Tee. By providing a tool for parents to engage their children in Car Talk, we can further increase the probability that participants will be able to apply the Life Skills and Core Values at home and in other areas of their lives.

The Car Talk topics for each week of the session will be posted on this page for the upcoming week. In addition, please feel free to review any past week’s Car Talk topics.


PLAYer Car Talk Topics Par Car Talk Topics Birdie Car Talk Topics Eagle Car Talk Topics

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