summer life skills experience classes and camps

Summer Life Skills Experience Classes will begin June 6th-12th and will end August 1st-7th. Certification will be the week of August 8th-14th. Financial Aid is available.

Summer Life Skills Experience Camps will begin on June 8th. Because of the ever-changing protocols that we will be required to follow, camp schedules will be released month-by-month. The number of participants allowed in each class or camp varies by location so available spots will be limited. If your preferred week is full, you can choose to be placed on the waiting list and if we are able to open spots, you will be notified. For the month of June, camps will be half-day and participants will be allowed to only register for one camp in addition to an LSE class and online class. Financial Aid will be limited to two weeks of camp for the entire summer. Campers will be allowed to be dropped off 30 prior to the beginning of camp and must be picked-up no later than 30 minutes after camp ends. You will receive site-specific information regarding required protocols prior to your class or camp beginning.

Online classes will be offered again for Summer. Online classes begin the week of June 8th and end the week of August 10th. There is no charge to participate in online classes but you must register for them. The registration process is the same as LSE classes and camps. Participants are allowed to take an LSE class, camp and an online class or any one of these individually. Participants will receive credit towards certification by taking an online class.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at anytime or call us at (817) 420-9370 beginning June 1st.

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life skills eXperience CLASS INFORMATION

Life Skills Experience classes are offered year-round in the winter, spring, summer and fall at facilities across our region. Our Life Skills Experience classes are made up of character building and life skill development activities, learning golf rules and etiquette, learning how to warm-up properly and be healthy, and doing it all while learning to play golf.  Participants who are new to the program should enroll in PLAYer classes. A brief but mandatory orientation session will be conducted for new parents on the first day of classes. All students advancing from one level to another must meet certification requirements:

Junior Links– this non-certifying level is for participants ages 5 & 6 years old only. (Not offered during Winter session)
PLAYer – entry level for participants who are between 7 and 11 years old. Must
have 24 hours to certify to Par level.
PLAYer 12 & Older – entry level class and will join with a Par class and may
complete Player level after 1 session. Participants 14 and older may test out of PLAYer and Par after 1 session.
Par – participants who have certified out of PLAYer level. Must have 36 hours at
Par level to certify to Birdie level.
Birdie – participants who have certified out of Par level. Must have 48 hours at
Birdie level to certify to Eagle level.
Eagle – participants who have certified out of Birdie level. Must have 60 hours
at Eagle level to certify to ACE level.
ACE – students in high school who have completed Eagle certification.

Every participant in the program is eligible to receive a set of starter clubs for $10.  This is a one-time fee that is paid during the registration process.  As participants outgrow their clubs they may trade-in for longer clubs as they continue in the program at no cost. Clubs to new participants will be issued the first day of class at sign-in. Clubs are used junior clubs or adult clubs that are cut down to match a player’s height. If you choose, you may purchase new junior clubs from TGA online at a discounted price.

You will only be able to enroll for one class in which you are eligible to take. If you are registering during a current session, you will only be able to register for the class level that you are currently enrolled in. Once you have successfully completed certification, you will be able to enroll in the next level up.

Maximum class size is 20 participants for each session in most cases. Enrollment is always on a first-come first serve basis and is subject to availability so please register early.  There is a waitlist if a class is full that we will try to create additional classes for to accommodate everyone that wants to be enrolled.  Participants are considered to meet the age requirements outlined in the course description if they turn the minimum age sometime during the current season.

If for any reason you request to move your child to another class, space must be available in the class to which you would like to transfer. If this is not possible and we are unable to accommodate your enrollment we can issue a refund as long as class has not already started.


Fees for life skills classes are $70 for Player, Par, Birdie, Eagle, $25 for ACE and $40 for Junior Links. Fee for Spring and Summer camps $70/half day and $100 full day.  There is a $140 maximum per family for each Life Skills Experience session (see below). There is a $140 maximum per family for half day Spring and Summer Camps.  There is a $200 maximum per family for full day Spring and Summer Camps.  Financial assistance is available and no child is turned away for financial reasons. Participants may only sign up for one Life Skills Experience class per session.


No participant will be turned away for financial reasons – You will be asked about your financial aid status during the online registration process. Once you submit your request and are approved, you will receive an approval email and will have 48 hours to complete your registration.

Thank you to our MILITARY families

Thanks to the generosity of the Jordan Spieth Family Foundation, family members of active duty military, reservists and veterans are eligible for the Military Appreciation Program which will give you access to all our programs for free. Please email your copy of your active military credentials to along with your child’s name or bring them by the Ben Hogan Learning Center. Thank you so much for your service!


There is a $140 maximum per family charge for each Life Skills Experience session.  If you are signing up more than two participants, use the financial aid section and put the family maximum amount ($140) in the question “How much can you pay?”.